Back from sk c&c interview

It’s a rainy today, and I was feeling sleepy from morning, I took a shower in the morning and then begin to prepare self introduction with Korean version.I think this is the most important point for me to take some time to make several rehearsal. It may show my will ,passion and energy on this position opportunity. I got on NO1 subway and go acroos two stations, I tranferred to NO10 subway, also two stations passed, I got off the train and began to ask the persons around the address of the buildings. Most of them are not native living citizen, and they were like me, don’t know the tower. Finally, I found an guard near the hotel, luckily, he knows the tower and taught me how to go. It took me about 5 minutes to arrive there. It’s a high building in front of ChaoYang hospital. I went into the tower and press the button of the elevator, my destination is 21th floor. When I arrived, there is a girl(woman?) already waiting for me, I took a look at my cell phone, and confirmed that I was there on time, it’s nearly 15:00 then. The HR girl took me to a room, I know it’s the place where I will have an interview with Korean engineers. Firstly, he passed me a paper and let me fill in my personal information. When I finished half of the paper, I heard a sound near the door, and one guy is saying hi to me. At first, I didn’t know he is Korean, and I was going on with my paper. But soon, he said to me again, and asked me begin our interview.I will finish the half next time, for I am a little bit tired now. I need get some delicious to eat. See U again.

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觉得很值得看的一本书,里面讲述了从欲望转向目标, 从目标转向接近现实,又最终实现的一个道理,很值得回味,不管怎样本人力挺本书.

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Hello world!

I have transfered the space content from MSN space to WordPress.

I found in the Media column, I just can upload the document format files, music files like *.mp3, *.mp4 need pay dollar yearly for getting for music space.

Anyway, it is my first Blog, new story will begin and recorded here.

It has been 2011, I hope it will be a harvest year for us.

Jan-21th, 2011

—From Ryan Zhao

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So long times since I updated the content here.
I received a mail recently from my previous football team and be noted that there will be
a match organized this coming weekend.
I need recall from my memory for this team which is lasted for 2 years and has left some
good and precious impression for my own. The name of this team is 2002, for the most
of the team members began their college life at the year of 2002.(Of course, including me)
So when we graduated from college, 2002 was created and we are the first members.
At first, we had some good players and keep some competitive power. Though, sometiems
we may lose the game, but we never be upset and always keep positive thinking. At least,
we try our best at our every match playing for 2002, and we all have the responsibility to
protect and develope this team. I remember someone said: "Every great thought or action
or goal usually begins from some subtle activity".I think our start is brave and encouraged.
And it also keep some respective and vision. But  meanwhile, our team is too young to
overcome some frastrate and some issues non-related with football. I gradually feel more
and more tired faces during our league and our performance is discounted. Finally,
our team leader sent out a mail and voiced out that we had to stop going ahead and 2002
will be the history. The moment I read this mail, my feeling is complicated and also a little bit
regret for 2002. But it is a great effort and surprising for all of us to keep 2002 for 2 years,
it’s not an easy figure.
Come back to NOW……..
It has been one year since we played together on behalf of 2002. And what is interesting is
the VS team is CAU(China Agriculral University)-my college team.I have already decided that,
I will play for 2002 for this match instead of CAU, and wear the Barcelona uniform which is
our first uniform.
It may be an exciting and happy moment, I am looking forward to this match.
Anyway, 2002 fighting…!!!
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10 Worst Things to Say at Work


Over time, you’ve probably learned what not to say in a relationship. “Are you losing your hair?” “Yes, you do look fat in that dress.” “I should give my old boyfriend a call.” “You’re just like your mother.” Experience has taught you just how much trouble you can get into with a few words.

When it comes to the workplace, however, you might not realize there are plenty of things you can say to damage your work relationships or even your own career. An off-the-cuff remark that you think went unnoticed, for example, might be the first thing your boss remembers when he thinks about you.

“During my 23 years in management, I heard many comments from colleagues that reduced their credibility and damaged morale,” says Bill Lampton, Ph.D. and author of “The Complete Communicator: Change Your Communication, Change Your Life!”

Remember: Just because you don’t end up sleeping on the couch, it doesn’t mean your mouth can’t still get you in trouble. For the sake of your career, we’ve put together a list of things you should avoid saying at work.

1. “That’s not my job.”
If somebody comes to you with an issue, there’s probably a reason. It might be your responsibility to deal with it or your input is valued. Either way, use the situation to prove you’re a team player and a problem solver. Plus, it pays to earn some good office karma because you never know when you’ll need help from other colleagues.

2. “Yeah, no problem.” (If you don’t mean it.)
If you take on a task with a smile but have no intention of actually completing it, you’re going to earn a reputation as an unreliable person. If you know you can’t or won’t complete the project, be honest about it. Your colleagues are relying on you, so your decision not to follow through impacts their jobs, too.

3. “Don’t tell anyone I said this, but … ”
If it’s really a secret, keep it to yourself. Whether you know someone’s about to get fired or what the boss’ salary is, you’re going to get credit for spreading the news. You’re not exempt from being the subject of office chatter, either. Don’t expect your gossip-loving co-worker to suddenly have tight lips when it comes to divulging your secrets.

4. “I haven’t had a raise in four years.”
“Most savvy supervisors don’t think longevity merits a raise – only high productivity does,” Lampton states. Asking for a raise because of how long it’s been since your last one will tell your boss only that you want more money, not that you deserve it. Instead, highlight the accomplishments you’ve made in the last four years, Lampton suggests. Prove the raise is merited.

5. “It’s not my fault.”
When your boss comes to you with a problem, the last thing you want to do is to deflect blame to someone else. Maybe it isn’t your fault, but remember that you’re not in a courtroom and nobody’s looking for the culprit right now. All that matters is making sure the problem is solved and doesn’t happen again. You can deal with the real issue later, but you’ll just make yourself look worse if you spend more time finger-pointing than problem solving.

6. “To be honest with you … ”
First, any time this phrase is used, you know something negative is going to follow. More important is the message it sends to others. “Does this colleague have to identify when he or she is being honest with you? When that phrase is not used, should you then doubt the integrity of the statement?” Lampton asks. Instead, without being rude, say what you need to say in a straightforward manner.

7. “Whom did you vote for?”
The old adage that you shouldn’t discuss politics is as true today as ever before. While it’s great that you’re an active citizen performing your civic duty, save the political talk for your personal blog. Even if the conversation doesn’t result in an argument, you never know whom you’re making uncomfortable or who will hold your views against you. In a sea of cubicles, there are more people listening to your conversation than you think.

8. “I got so trashed last night … ”
You’re probably not the only person in the office to indulge in a drink (or a keg) now and then, but you’re probably the only one bragging about it to your boss. Although your night of binge drinking didn’t force you to call in sick this morning, it can create the image of an unreliable partier who forgot to leave the beer bong in the dorm room.

9. “I just didn’t have enough time for that.”
In case you didn’t realize, everybody’s pretty busy these days. When your boss asks you to do something, chances are it’s not really an option. If your main concern is accomplishing the task on time, Lampton suggests you explain the situation. Mention how busy your schedule is but that you can accommodate the request if some other projects are rearranged. You’ll show that you take each assignment seriously and only want to turn in your best work.

10. “. . . or else.”
Giving anyone in the office an ultimatum rarely ends in success. Whether you say it to a colleague or your new intern, you’ll only gain enemies and earn a reputation for being difficult. If cordial requests don’t work and threats are the only way to get things done in the office, you need to re-evaluate your work environment.

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前两天我坐公交上班的时候, 在我前面的坐席后面写着一个类似广告的文章, 仔细一瞧 , 原来是个有趣的谜语, 好久没猜谜语了,哈哈!!
从小我是闲不住的人,所以一见到亲朋好友, 就要求对方出谜语, 这次自己找上门来了,嘿嘿。。。。
谜语很有趣,题目是《风中的蜡烛》,谜语背景是这样子的 , 在风中点着十支蜡烛, 一会灭了一支, 过了一会又灭了两支, 于是主人把窗户关了,
之后蜡烛再也没有没有被吹灭过, 问题马上要 来了。
其实 这个问题的答案不是很难, 但是我比较好奇的是各位的第一时间反应是什么,如果在第一时间 做出正确反应,那说明你的状态还可以,哈。。。
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If I mention HP, I think most of readers may think it is a name of American company,

but the answer is not always correct. You know sometimes it may become a specific

name for short. For more explanation, I can take an example, VIP-Very Important Person.


Then what is the real meaning of HP in this article. It’s simple and easy to understand,

HP-Happy Place. Although, the name seems not that special and particular, it is based

on some good story, actually a beautiful memory for me and for my friends many years ago.


At the year of 2001, we just took the exam for college entrance. My friend Kim suggested that

we can organize for a trip and fishing. Everyone is clapping with his idea and we begin to prepare

for the trip. I was born at a small town named Wang Qing, it is a beautiful town and the water is

especially clear. After graduating middle school, we all studied at YBYZ at YanJi(Another City of

YanBian Area JiLin Province), and most of time, we were living between classroom and dormitory,

so there was not so much time to enjoy ourselves. I think it may be a good experience to release

ourselves from humdrum life. We were divided two teams, one team was going super-market to

buy some necessary goods, and the other team was preparing some tools like fishnet, pan and contacting car.


Everything is ready, and we began to head for the target place, which is named HP by us.

The picture outside is so impressive and beautiful, I think I had not seen such comfortable

scenery so long time. At that moment, we were the most lucky guys.


About one hour later, we arrived at the destination. I can feel that the air is much more fresh and

the sunshine is much more comfortable. The water was a little bit cold, but it never reduced our

curiosity to catch fish. We caught many fishes and begin to collect woods to make a fire.

Pouring water into the boiler, the water is boiling soon and we begin to add spices and the fishes.

Because I can not swim, I just concentrated on help preparing foods and our meal.

Our meal is really delicious, we also drunk some wine. Now, there is a Korean Program named family, I will strongly propose them to come here to have one night and two days.


There is an interesting episode, I did not mention it till now, because it was a little bit …haha…

It should be forbidden for the persons who is under 18. When we were coming back,

a couple was having a shower there, and they did not wear anything on their body.OMG!

 They did not know we were around, one of our guys hands up and said hi to them….

Surprising, they hided their body to the water soon. And we were all laughing.


Our car is arriving and we begin to head for home. Though, we were tired, we were satisfied.

We decide named the place HP.


Many years has gone, HP is still kept in my heart with a good memory. If it is possible,

I hope we can go there again some time in the future.


I think everyone has their HP, if have, share it with us,^^!

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How the times fly, three months has gone,and I am in a busy life as usual…..
I think I really need a brief break and need some fresh air.
I want to have a short trip to a mountain or to a sea to set my oppression free exactly…
The day will come to me one month’s later,it’s an exciting number….
and I should keep my spirit as I am at the beginning of the course [NOW]
and also keep it to the end of the course….
Tks to those who always tell me that I will be obtained the feedback from my hard study.
2007 is going to say bye to us, and the new year 2008 is near to us…
I believe that there will happen a lot of good fortune to me.I am thirst for the new year….
Just one month left,pls go on and keep positive always…
I think I begin to feel the rising sun and the warmhearted breath,

        Example of java code:
   public static void main(String args[]){
             Stirng h="full",f="much",j="harvest";
             System.out.println("Happiness ="+ h +", Fortune=" + f +", Job=" + j ");
               System.out.println("There is no else,^^");

Go on and overcome anything discourages Yun from going ahead.
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select happyness from java.issue;

Everyday,I am busy with my study as usual.

Sometimes, I hope that god can sends me some surprises and passion.

Luckily,In some unusual weekends I am not alone.

I usually play football with my firends,but the result is not really satisfying,ha….But we still can get endless happiness from it….

And sometimes,my previous companions haven’t forgetten me and sometimes they invite me eat out,it is really an grateful feeling.

When I am feeling tired,someone always appears and helps me ,I think I should cherish the times belongs to me….

Now, I need to be more concentrate on my study .

So whatever problems I meet,I should overcome

and try my best to do it well,even I can enjoy it instead of treat it as a burden.

So much for this time….

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The power of havit !

It has been such a tired week for me,because the pressure from java school is a little heavy,I think I should need more rest.But It isn’t up to me in such case.Anyway,I should try my best to get through these days.The one who sticks to the end can laugh to the end.
I think the right havit may lead you to the right track.Nothing is more beautiful than good havit.Nothing will happen to change your life until you consciously step in and start to work with subconscious mind,otherwise,you will  continue in the same pattern you have built up.
I strongly proposed that do something you hate everyday,just for the practice.So I think I should treat more positively to java.
The more it make you feeling hard,the more you should get close to it.
No more words need now,the right thing I should do now is keeping the right habit.
Pls never lose your confidence,and stick to solve your issues.
Finally,good luck!
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